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When you join PTA you are joining over 23,000 others advocating for child across the state of Indiana. PTA has been instrumental in establishing universal kindergarten, child labor laws, hot school lunches, public health services, mandatory immunization, and juvenile justice system. We continue to improve children's lives through healthy lifestyle programs, anti-bullying initatives, after school programs,

TV and Internet rating standards, parental engagement, and more.

  • PTA allows parents to be more involved in their children’s education through programs and activities like game nights, reading, math and science nights, carnivals, and other fun events.

  • PTA allows parents to get to know teachers and staff and feel more comfortable discussing issues that may come up.

  • Students who have involved parents get better grades and are more active in school activities/clubs.

  • PTA helps keep you up to date with what is happening in your school.

  • PTA offers a wide range of resources for parents on topics such as family engagement, healthy lifestyles, parenting and student success.

  • PTA allows parents to exchange ideas and suggest changes that need to be made in school.

Why Join PTA