November 2016

  • Your unit could win a $150 gift card!
  • If your unit has 100% teacher and principal membership, inform our office to enter this drawing!

February 2017

  • Your unit could win $200!
  • Submit a membership roster showing that your unit has at least 50 male members and you are in it to win it!

March 2017

  • Indiana PTA Membership Madness is back! You'll have a Sweet Sixteen days to recruit 16 new members for your team. The winner of this challenge will receive a TV for their unit!

April 2017

  • Your unit could win a free convention registration!
  • If you register a first timer for convention, your unit might win a free registration!


​Indiana PTA 2016-2017 Membership Incentives

We are proud in what we do and show great pride for it—from the creation of kindergarten classes, child labor laws to protect children, healthy school lunch programs and juvenile justice reform. Let us know why you got involved in PTA and why you are proud to be a part of the association using the hashtag #PTAProud on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. Check out our digital toolkit below and show you’re #PTAProud:

Membership Madness 2017 is Here! 
Our annual March Membership Madness contest is happening right now! It's not too late for your unit to join the scrimmage!

If your PTA makes it to the Sweet 16 by recruiting just 16 new members in the 16 days between February 28 to March 15, you can be entered to win a TV for your unit.

All you need to do to join the contest is email our office to let us know your unit will be participating. We also encourage you to update us via email or Facebook on how many new members you have recruited.
Watch our Facebook page for updates on which units have met the 16 new member goal. We'll send you an email update in the Good News again on Sunday to let you know who has joined the fun and who has met their goal.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to win a TV for your unit!