Leah Wayman, Field Service Representative

​​I serve as a Field Service Rep for the Southern Region. I am a stay at home mother and wife. My husband, Timothy and I have been married since 2007 and now have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. I got involved in PTA in 2015 after my husband and I moved to Evansville, I jumped right in as President at my eldest’s elementary school; I have since served 2 years as the 1st Vice President. In 2017 I took on two new roles in the PTA; 1st vice president on the Evansville Area Council and being a Field Service Rep for the Indiana State PTA. I joined the PTA to meet new people and make new friends. In my spare time, I love to spend time with my husband and kids exploring nature by biking and hiking.  We love going on adventures.  

Southern Region

Chuck Bushell, Field Service Representative

Hi my name is Chuck Bushell I am a Field Service Rep for the Southern Region, I am married to Maryjane Bushell and together we have 3 beautiful children and 4 wonderful grandchildren . I got involved with PTA 17 years ago to help a school start a dads program, I am a true believer that all men should be fully involved in there children’s lives , and this includes PTA . I am employed at Berry Plastics and have been there for over 9 years, in my spare time I love to take the grand babies camping and fishing.

Expertise: Vice President, Dad’s Program
Phone:(812) 774-1705

Maryjane  Bushell, Southern Region Vice President

Maryjane Bushell is a Field Services Rep for the Southern Region in Evansville Indiana, I am also membership chair for Indiana PTA . I am married to a wonderful man (Chuck Bushell) have 3 wonderful children and 4 beautiful grand babies, I have been actively involved in PTA for over 22 years . In my spare time I spend a lot of time with the grand babies at the park .

Expertise: President, Vice President, Membership
Areas Available:Southern Region
Phone:(812) 774-1710

Angela Casteel, Field Service Representative

​​Hi, My name is Angi.  I am a Field service rep for southern region.  I also serve on Evansville Area Council board and at an Evansville Elementary school.  I got started in PTA as a room mom for my oldest son.  I became injured at work an unable to return. I wanted an needed something to keep my mind busy.  PTA was the answer for me.  I could do what i could and feel as if i was needed and important to my childrens education.  I have 4 amazing children David, Dalton, Addyson, and Parker.  Each kiddo has very different interests that keep me very busy. 

Cathy Coffman, Secretary/Treasurer

Cathy states she joined when my daughter was in 6th grade and I served as Secretary one year and treasurer and president. She then moved to High School to serve as secretary for two years, treasurer for one year and now president for two years. She has also served at both schools as reflections and citizenship chair. Cathy has received both the Indiana Life Achievement Award and National Achievement Award. Cathy has been married to her husband Gary for 21 years, they have one daughter, Stephenie and a dog named Mickey Mouse and a cat named Tigger.

Expertise: President, Secretary, Citizenship, Reflections, By-laws and Policies and Procedures, How to get your Principal Involved
Areas Available:Southern Region
Phone:(812) 430-6070