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To be appropriate for consideration by the Indiana PTA Resolutions Committee, a resolution must:

• Be in harmony with the Purposes and basic policies of the Indiana PTA
• Concern a matter which is of statewide interest and importance
• Be written in the appropriate form (Please use sample which follows)
• State a position not previously adopted by the Indiana PTA
• Be accompanied by ALL supporting documentation

Each “WHEREAS” clause must be supported by current adequate documentation:

Include PTA-related information, such as position statements, policies and previous actions (if any); copies of surveys or statistics documenting the resolution; copies of other relevant publications. Newspaper articles alone are not adequate documentation . The background material must be sufficient to give a person with no previous knowledge of the subject, enough information to make an intelligent decision. Documentation should be unbiased and present a fair view of the issue.

What is a Resolution?

Do you have an issue that really concerns you and other members of your local unit/council? Is it an issue that may have statewide concern? Do you want to bring your concern to other PTA units/councils in Indiana? Get started NOW, so you can meet the January 25 th deadline, and have your resolution presented for consideration at State Convention.

Resolutions are an important means, for local PTA unit/councils, of directly affecting the work of the PTA. The passage of a resolution by the Indiana PTA State Convention directs the State Board of Managers in areas of study and legislative priority, that leads to local programs.

An index of resolutions is available on our website. For further information on a specific resolution please contact the Indiana State PTA office or the Committee Chairman. To see the criteria, sample resolution, glossary and more click the Forms tab.

When submitting a resolution, you must include a completed ” Convention Action Cover Sheet and ALL documentation which supports the resolution. Documentation can come from several sources: Magazine articles, journals, professional reports, newspaper articles, and the Internet. Any source, which can be verified for factual information, may be used. Please remember, the deadline for submitting a resolution is January 25.

The State Resolutions Committee will review all resolutions, received by the deadline, for accuracy and documented support, and to assure that all criteria have been met. Once verified, the resolution proposal is presented to the Indiana PTA Board of Managers for action. Resolutions are then presented to the State Convention delegate body for action.

The Indiana PTA Resolutions Committee is in place to help each local PTA unit/council. For assistance with any step of the procedure, contact the Indiana PTA state office or the committee chair.