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Indiana PTA Press Releases

04/15/19 - INPTA Delegates Pass Two Resolutions - 

Indiana PTA held it's 107th annual convention in Carmel, Indiana on April 13, 2019. Convention delegates passed two new resolutions, creating opportunities for PTA leaders to advocate on new issues. The resolutions passed this weekend were on Photosensitive Epilepsy and on Arming Teachers. 

12/13/18 - Indiana PTA Statement on Shooting at Dennis Middle School - 

As we prepare to enter the new legislative session, Indiana PTA calls on our state and federal legislators to make student safety a high priority in the coming year. It's time that we say "enough is enough" and make significant policy changes to protect the future of all students.

11/15/18 - Inaccurate Portrayal of INPTA in Broadway's "The Prom" -

Indiana PTA is extremely disappointed in this portrayal of PTA leaders in our state. Indiana PTA membership adopted the resolution Making Schools Safe in 2012. The association then spent four years advocating for the passage of similar language to protect LGBTQ youth at the national level. Indiana PTA leaders were instrumental in the creation and passage of National PTA's resolution Recognition of LGBTQ Individuals as a Protected Class at the National PTA Convention in 2016. This resolution has allowed PTA leaders across the United States to speak up on the behalf of LGBTQ students.

05/25/18 - Indiana PTA Statement on Shooting at Noblesville West Middle School -

​Today a shooting occurred at Noblesville West Middle School in Noblesville, Indiana. Tragically, this is the third school shooting to take place in the past ten days. Indiana PTA strongly believes that all students deserve the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe school environment. Parents should not have to fear if their child will return home at the end of the school day.