Indiana PTA is looking for volunteers to fill positions on our various 2020-2021 committees. It is no longer a requirement for committee members to travel, as most work is now done via conference call.

Advocacy Committee:
Engages and empowers members to take action on issues. Promotes and facilitates the resolution writing process, which allows INPTA to speak on issues.

PR, Marketing & Resources Committee:
Manages all INPTA social media, website and the Good News email. Creates promotional and informative materials. Seeks donations, grants and sponsorships for Indiana PTA.

Bylaws & Policies Committee:
Studies the bylaws and policies of our association and keeps them up to date. Reviews proposed amendments and presents them to the convention body.

Membership Committee:
Promotes PTA membership across the state. Assists local units in engaging members and volunteers.

Diversity Committee:
Promotes diversity and inclusion across our state. Suggests training opportunities to broaden the awareness of others in cultural literacy, social justice and cultural sensitivity.

Embracing inclusion, equality and diversity is the focus of Indiana PTA for 2019-2021. Our promise to our members is going to be two-fold. Advocacy based and membership driven just as it was for our founders many years ago. We plan to revitalize family engagement in all areas of our state; As well as be attentive to the needs of both our members and leaders. 

This year will be a year full of firsts. Indiana PTA is prepared to offer assistance to our units in adapting to new social distancing guidelines. In doing so, we have packed our year with multiple virtual leadership development opportunities, including our first ever Virtual Convention to be held this fall.

Our state association plans to be very active this legislative session. It is a budget year for the Indiana Legislature and our first priority will always be adequate funding for public education. Our voice strengthens with the size of our membership. This year we will continue with our memebership campaign "Because Together We Can Change the World." It seems very relavant considering the given circumstances. National PTA just premiered a ready to use campaign for all levels of PTA. You can access their marketing materials in a membership toolkit at

In today's world we need to support one another like never before. Indiana PTA vows to always put the needs of our members and leaders first because we know together we can truly make a difference.

Julie Klingenberger, President 2019-2021

President's Note from

INPTA 2019-2021 President

Julie Klingenberger