As a champion of PTA, the number one question that I hear every day is Why PTA? There are so many different parent groups out there working in the schools so what makes PTA the better choice? A simple but powerful answer: Advocacy.

When it comes to putting on a carnival, hosting a movie night or raising funds for a project at school most of the parent groups in the schools do a great job. Let’s face it, as parents we want the best for our own kids and we’re going to work hard to make sure that our kids have a fun night or that we raise funds so we can bring in more books for the media center so why choose PTA? I have always told every family member, teacher, principal, school personnel, and community member that PTA is so much more than fundraising and hosting great events, we are the largest and strongest advocacy group that has been working on behalf of children for well over one hundred years. We push to raise the standards of home life for every child. We fight for every child to have access to all of the necessities required to grow and develop into an adult. We fight to ensure that every child has access to a quality education.

All of our members have a voice that can be heard in the local gym, at the school board meeting, at the State House and especially on Capitol Hill. Community members and parents want the schools to look to them as valued partners (not just for fundraising) but how do you ensure that your voice is heard? How do you guarantee that your parent group is considered an intrinsic partner? How do you make sure that you are invited to the table? PTA is and has always been the association that fights to provide all of their members with a strong voice. I have always said if your end goal is to put on a great carnival night or raise a little bit of money for the school than choose any parent group but if you want to make a difference for all children and have your voice heard and valued, choose PTA. By choosing PTA, you have a seat at the table when decisions are being made that will not only affect your children and grandchildren but will help shape society and the community that your children will grow in and eventually raise their own families in. Choose PTA. Support PTA. Be PTA.

President Note for Indiana PTA President Theresa Distelrath