Indiana PTA Proud

Indiana PTA is proud to be an Advocacy group working hard every day
for ALL CHILDREN!  Did you know that when you join PTA you are not
only a member of your local PTA but you also become a member of the
Indiana State PTA and National PTA?  Together we can make a BIG
difference in the lives of ALL CHILDREN! 

By joining PTA, you are giving ​us your voice so that when we speak with legislators either in Indianapolis or Washington, DC they listen.  Indiana was over 18,000 members strong last year.  Did you know that you have a voice?  A strong voice for your child at their school, school board meetings and at election time!  Parents voices need to be heard loud and strong when we learn about funding being cut from our children’s education or changes or decisions that will hinder our child’s educational success.  You are a valued partner in your child’s education.  By choosing PTA, you have a seat at the table when decisions are being made that affect your child. PTA is there pushing that every child has all that is needed to get the education, nutrition, etc. that they need to grow into a responsible adult.

PTAs across Indiana are working hard to sponsor programs in schools that promote family engagement.  Statistics show that when parents are tuned in to what happens at school, and actively participate in events, students perform better in school.  Let’s all spread the word that parents are a vital part of their child’s education and let everyone know that “Kids Win When Parents Join In!”

Deb Fox, Indiana PTA President

President Note from Indiana PTA President Deb Fox