Brian Scott, Field Service Consultant for Male Engagement

Stephanie Eifrid, Field Service Representative

Stephanie Eifrid is currently serving as a Field Service Representative.

Kim Craighead, Northeast Vice President

Julie Klingenberger, Field Service Representative

Anthony "Tony" Distelrath, Field Service Consultant for Male Engagement

Tony currently resides in Fort Wayne Indiana and is a part of the North East Region. He has the pleasure of serving as a Field Service Consultant for the Indiana PTA State Board. Tony is also serving as a member at large for the Fort Wayne Area PTA Council. He has served in numerous roles in PTA such as; President, Vice President, Male Engagement Chair, Carnival Chair, Popcorn Dad, Fundraiser chair, and many more. Tony first started in PTA when his oldest son started school at Shambaugh Elementary. His wife signed him up to be a Popcorn dad and he has been involved ever since.

Tony has been happily married to my wife, Theresa for the past 22 years and is blessed to have two sons, Andrew and Michael. Andrew is a junior in college at Embry Riddle; studying Aeronautical Engineering and Michael is a senior in High School at Northrop in Fort Wayne. He recently joined the Army National Guard and is planning on going to college when he graduates.
Tony is a proud recipient of the Indiana PTA State Lifetime Achievement Award as well as a two timewinner of the Indiana PTA Volunteer of Year Award. He has also served as a Pack and Den leader for the Cub Scouts. He is happy to train or assist in any of the following areas: Male Engagement, committee work (running events (carnivals, car shows, pine wood derbys, and student events) Fundraising and relationship building.

Renee Kilma, Field Service Consultant

Renee Klima has been involved in PTA since 2010. Joining because she was interested in what the PTA was doing at her daughter’s school, she found that she really enjoyed being involved in her daughter’s school. Her second year as a PTA member she was encouraged to accept a treasurer role in her local elementary PTA unit. As a treasurer, Renee attended many of the local trainings offered and started to become very active in the local and state PTA offerings. Renee has been a Field Service Consultant with the Indiana PTA for the last 2 years, where she really enjoys performing audits and learning more about that process and tax requirements. She has also been a member-at-large for the Fort Wayne Area Council PTA for the past 2 years.

Renee enjoys spending quality time with her family, reading books, crafting and sewing and being an advocate for her daughter. Renee works part –time for a research company helping to create surveys and monitor data responses. Her background in elementary education only adds to the interest that she has in helping our children and their schools to be successful.

Nikki Headlee, Field Service Consultant

Nikki Headlee is currently serving as Field Service Consultant.
Phone:(260) 415-4177

Northeast Region

Jason Headlee, Field Service Consultant

Jason Headlee is currently serving as Field Service Consultant.

Melodie Brunell, Field Service Consultant

Melodie Brunell is a stay at home mom of four kids .Two of her children are students at Washington Center Elementary, Another is at Bethel UMC Daycare, and her youngest is still at home. She grew up in Wichita, Kansas where her mother was president of the PTA at the school where she and her sister were students. From elementary through high school Melodie served on the student council. She and her husband were married in August 2003 and moved to Fort Wayne, IN in the fall of 2009.

While Melodie was in Kansas, she was a member of the Shawnee Mission Parents PTA. Melodie served as Vice President of Washington
​Center Elementary PTA and has served as the flower show chair and legislative chair. She has also served on the following committees: red ribbon, bylaws, and membership.
Phone:(913) 302-6153

Earl LaMar, Field Service Representative