Debbie Fox, President Elect

Debbie Fox is our representative from Mishawaka. She currently serves on the State Board as the President Elect and the Reflections Chair. Debbie has held all offices at her local level and is currently the President of the Mishawaka Council. Deb, after 18 years of service, is a retired elementary school secretary. She has 2 children, 4 grandchildren and a wonderful husband. Deb has served on PTA for over 30 years beginning when her son started Kindergarten. Deb says “I wanted to get involved simply because I wanted to know the other children in my kids’ class and get to know the parents as well. My first job was popping popcorn. I was known by the students as the “Popcorn Lady”. I also wanted to know what was going on in the school system and I wanted to make a difference.” Deb also serves on the Mishawaka Education Foundation Board of Directors and the local Junior Achievement Board. Deb has received both State and National Lifetime Achievement Awards. Deb is available to answer any questions, help train your unit, or start a new PTA!

Expertise: Treasurer, Budget, Reflections, Membership, How to Run A PTA Meeting

Areas Available:
​Northwest Region, Northwest Council, Convention, Statewide
Phone:(574) 255-5062

Nashia Abdul-Aleem, Secretary/Treasurer 
Nashia Abdul-Aleem, is a new Field Service Representative for Indiana PTA for the Central Region. She is involved with Francis W. Parker #56, and the Central Indiana Council of PTAs. Nashia was involved as a member initially and helped the unit as needed. After doing a summer book study of Beyond the Bake Sale, she was energized to assist with reorganizing our unit in 2009. Nashia was elected to serve as Vice President in the fall of that year and then unexpectedly assumed the presidency during the spring semester of 2010 when the president transferred her student to another school. She has served in that capacity since that point. Nashia originally became involved because she was looking for a meaningful way to be involved with the school. PTA and our Parent Liaison / School-Community Coordinator presented that opportunity for her. While president of her school she helped them achieve 50% membership increase 2010, a 25% membership increase and 100% Teacher and Principal Participation 2011.

Areas Available: 

Central Region
Phone: (317) 709-4944

Elected Officers

Theresa Distelrath, President
Theresa currently resides in Fort Wayne Indiana and has the honor of serving as Indiana PTA’s State President. She also has had the honor of serving at the Council and Local level in a plethora of roles including president, vice president, secretary, and legislative chair. Theresa first became familiar with PTA while student teaching and started volunteering when her oldest son started kindergarten. As a working mom, she learned firsthand the importance of being engaged and involved.

Theresa is happily married to Tony; her husband of 22 years and has two sons, Andrew and Michael. Andrew is a junior in college at Embry Riddle; studying Aeronautical Engineering and Michael is a senior in High School at Northrop in Fort Wayne. He recently joined the Army National Guard and is planning on going to college when he graduates.

Theresa has experience in several areas and is happy to provide any assistance or training in the following areas: President, Vice President, Committee Chairs, Secretary, Legislative Chair, Resolutions, Effective Communication, Outreach, Fundraising, Budgets, Audit Process, Taxes, and duties of the treasurer.

Expertise: President, Vice President, Legislation, Bylaws, Secretary, Training
Areas Available:
NE Region, NE Council, Convention
Phone: (260) 466-4351

Pam Stallings, Vice President
Pamela Stalling is currently serving Indiana PTA as Vice President and Diversity Coordinator. Pam has served Indiana PTA as Northwest Field Service Rep, Diversity Chairperson and State Legislative Coordinator. She is a member of Bannaker, Westside Leadership Academy, Wirt-Emerson and Gary PTA Council.

As Field Service Representative her responsibilities include training local PTA units and help establishing new PTA units. As Diversity Chairperson she will be helping the State PTA identify minorities and underserved populations with representation across the State to serve as leaders within their PTA units. And as Legislative Coordinator she will help Legislative Chairpersons with the duties of contacting the State Legislators with concerns that effect our children’s education.
Pam states “Once my oldest child entered public school, I immediately became involved with the school’s PTA. I started with holding school office, then council office and now various positions with Indiana State PTA”.

Pam is involved with her church’s praise dance team, Women’s Day Committee, Bible Bowl Coach and South Shore Dance Alliance Parent Booster team.

Areas Available:

Northwest Region, Northwest Council, Convention
Phone:(219) 677-7968

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