Debbie Fox, President 

Debbie Fox is our representative from Mishawaka. She currently serves on the State Board as the President Elect and the Reflections Chair. Debbie has held all offices at her local level and is currently the President of the Mishawaka Council. Deb, after 18 years of service, is a retired elementary school secretary. She has 2 children, 4 grandchildren and a wonderful husband. Deb has served on PTA for over 30 years beginning when her son started Kindergarten. Deb says “I wanted to get involved simply because I wanted to know the other children in my kids’ class and get to know the parents as well. My first job was popping popcorn. I was known by the students as the “Popcorn Lady”. I also wanted to know what was going on in the school system and I wanted to make a difference.” Deb also serves on the Mishawaka Education Foundation Board of Directors and the local Junior Achievement Board. Deb has received both State and National Lifetime Achievement Awards. Deb is available to answer any questions, help train your unit, or start a new PTA!

Expertise: Treasurer, Budget, Reflections, Membership, How to Run A PTA Meeting

Areas Available:
​Northwest Region, Northwest Council, Convention, Statewide
Phone:(574) 255-5062

Cathy Coffman, Secretary/Treasurer

Cathy states she joined when my daughter was in 6th grade and I served as Secretary one year and treasurer and president. She then moved to High School to serve as secretary for two years, treasurer for one year and now president for two years. She has also served at both schools as reflections and citizenship chair. Cathy has received both the Indiana Life Achievement Award and National Achievement Award. Cathy has been married to her husband Gary for 21 years, they have one daughter, Stephenie and a dog named Mickey Mouse and a cat named Tigger.

Expertise: President, Secretary, Citizenship, Reflections, By-laws and Policies and Procedures, How to get your Principal Involved
Areas Available:Southern Region
Phone:(812) 430-6070

Elected Officers

Julie Klingenberger, President Elect

The Indiana PTA Board was restructured based on bylaws amendments passed by our membership at the 2018 convention. Look for changes to this page soon to reflect the new board structure. Unsure who to contact for help? Call our office at (317) 357-5881.

Carissa Dollar, Vice President of Advocacy

Carissa Dollar is from Indianapolis and is currently serving as Indiana PTA Vice President and a key member of the Public Relations & Resources Committee. She has previously served as president, vice president, treasurer and secretary at the local and council levels. Like most of us, Carissa got involved because she wanted to know what was going on in her own children’s school and wanted to get to know the people working there. Since then, she’s stayed involved because she’s discovered the amazing difference that parental involvement in our schools can make for ALL of the children across Indiana. Carissa believes that the difference PTA advocacy can make for all children is what keeps PTA relevant today.

Expertise: Membership Campaigns, President’s Training, PR & Marketing
Areas available: Central Region, Convention.
Phone:(317) 691-4916

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