Sharon Wise, Field Service Consultant

Carissa Dollar, Vice President

Carissa Dollar is from Indianapolis and is currently serving State PTA as Central Region Vice President and in the local arena as Warren Township Council President, Raymond Park Academy PTSA – Corresponding Secretary and served as President of Brookview Elementary PTA from 2008-2011. Carissa states that “as Central Region Vice President, I am here to support our local units and councils in any way I can. If you have questions, concerns, need guidance or ideas, please contact me and I’ll do my best to help”. Like most of us, Carissa got involved because she wanted to know what was going on in her own children’s school and wanted to get to know the people working there.Since then, she’s stayed involved because she’s discovered the amazing difference that parental involvement in our schools can make for ALL of the children across Indiana. Carissa started out as a volunteer at Brookview’s annual fall carnival, moved on to chair the staff appreciation committee and then became recording secretary and finally president.

Expertise: Membership Campaigns, Just Between Friends (OMDR), Parental Involvement, President’s Training, Communicating with Members

Areas available: Central Region, Convention.
Phone:(317) 691-4916

Ruby Dollar, Student Consultant with Privledges

​Ruby Dollar is a student consultant in the Central Region. She is a freshman in high school, serving her first year on the Indiana PTA board. Ruby is a former Indiana PTA Student Making a Difference award winner for her work with the Warren Township Council of PTAs food pantry. She is a varsity soccer player and a certified soccer referee. Ruby enjoys working out, playing with her dogs, and watching The Walking Dead. 

Christina Smith, Field Service Consultant

Nashia Abdul-Aleem, Central Region Vice President
Nashia Abdul-Aleem, is the Central Region Vice President for Indiana PTA for the Central Region. She is involved with Francis W. Parker #56, and the Central Indiana Council of PTAs. Nashia was involved as a member initially and helped the unit as needed. After doing a summer book study of Beyond the Bake Sale, she was energized to assist with reorganizing our unit in 2009. Nashia was elected to serve as Vice President in the fall of that year and then unexpectedly assumed the presidency during the spring semester of 2010 when the president transferred her student to another school. She has served in that capacity since that point. Nashia originally became involved because she was looking for a meaningful way to be involved with the school. PTA and our Parent Liaison / School-Community Coordinator presented that opportunity for her. While president of her school she helped them achieve 50% membership increase 2010, a 25% membership increase and 100% Teacher and Principal Participation 2011.

Areas Available: Central Region
Phone: (317) 709-4944

Tina Hartman, Board Member

Tina is mother to three children and a very proud grandmother of one granddaughter and one grandson. She currently serves Indiana as the Issues Commission Chair and Convention Chair as well as a Budget & Office, Bylaws and Policies, NLDC and Executive Committee Member. She also currently serves as the Fort Wayne Area PTA Council President. Tina served as President of Indiana PTA in 2009-2011. She also served on National PTA Nominating and Leadership Development Committee in 2011-2013, serving as Chair of the committee 2013-2014. She currently serves National PTA as a Member Representative to the Board of Directors as well as the Bylaws and Policies Committee Chair. Tina is a proud recipient of the Indiana PTA Lifetime Achievement Award and the National PTA Life Achievement Award. Tina states, “I became involved in PTA in 1997 to be an active part of my children’s education. Since that time, PTA has helped me grow and learn to be a leader that wants to see others grow and succeed also.”

Expertise: Secretary, Treasurer, Bylaws/Standing Rules, Reflections/Citizenship, Membership, President, Vice President,
NLDC-Nominating and Leadership Development, How to Write a Winning Outstanding Teacher, Principal or Unit Application Training

Areas Available: NE region, Convention, Statewide
Phone:(260) 417-2733

Central Region